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Welcome to Chandran Steels, Negombo Sri Lanka your number one source for all Food Holding And Warming, Serving Dish & All Types Of Manufacturers Food warmers and holdings , Commercial Refrigeration Systems, Juice Dispenser, Grill Making Machine of GA or SS. Food Holding And Warming dedicated to giving you the very best of product, with a focus on High Quality, Robust and Durable.Negombo Sri Lanka

Negombo Sri Lanka Founded in Chandran has come a long way from its beginnings in a Tools. When founder first started out, his/her passion for providing the high quality All Types Of Bakery Oven& Grill Machine Making, Juice Dispenser drove him to quit his day job, and gave him the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming company. We now serve customers all over World, and are thrilled to be a part of the fair trade wing of the Commercial Bakery Equipment industry. SS Chat Counters, Serving Dish Equipment, Commercial Grill Machine Making Manufacturers & Juice Dispenser We’re the experts in catering Grill Machine fabrication, design, manufacture, supply and install.

Food warmers and holdings can help to keep food at safe holding temperatures, but there is one main difference between the two. Food warmers keep hot, prepared food above the danger zone and come in a variety of models including food warmers and Soup kettles. Chilled or frozen food that is placed in a warmer will not reheat and rise above the danger zone, resulting in time-temperature abuse. If you are reheating food, it must be warmed by other means (e.g. a stovetop, an oven), then placed in a warmer. Unlike regular food warmers, can heat chilled or frozen foods through the danger zone to a safe holding temperature in the same unit.  general, countertop warmers, soup kettles, and rethermalizers are all useful and convenient for buffets, cafeterias, healthcare food services, and restaurants, but there are circumstances in which one product may be more suitable than another.

  • A countertop warmer maximizes product visibility and can display multiple products at one time. This design is especially helpful at buffets where customers rely on sight to choose their meals. Countertop warmers are often used in the back of the house to hold prepared foods, saving space in the kitchen, providing more time for chefs to prepare and cook other foods, and helping staff quickly plate already-prepared entrées, sides, and more.

Pan Configurations and Depths

Countertop warmers use pans, and soup kettles use insets. Some counter top warmers are combination warmers that use both pans and insets. Food pans are rectangular and best for product visibility, while insets are cylindrical and good for holding soups or other liquids.

Negombo Sri LankaFood Holding The industry standard for a full-size food pan is 12″ x 20″. Counter top warmers can fit one, two, or more heating pans or a combination of different size pans and insets. This is helpful for restaurant kitchens that need to keep certain foods together in one location for ease-of-serving or space constraints. Buffets and cafeterias can also use different configurations to display many food items at one time. A full-size warmer could hold one full-size pan, two half-size pans, three 1/3 pans, etc., or it could fit one 2/3 pan and one 1/3 pan. There are many combinations! Pan depths also vary from 3/4″ to 8″ or more. Look at the depth of your warmer, leaving at least one inch of space for water, to determine the depths your pans should have. Check out this guide for more information on how to choose the correct food pan size.

Control Type

Food warmers typically come with two options for control type: infinite and thermostatic. An infinite control cycles on and off based on a time cycle. Instead of waiting for food to reach a certain temperature, infinite controls can be adjusted based on amounts of time, which allows the output of heat to be customized. A thermostatic control cycles on and off based on the temperature of the heating elements. This is good for keeping food at a certain temperature, but heat output is less customizable than with infinite controls.

Low Water Indicator Light

Food can fall into the danger zone if water levels are too low in your counter top warmer, soup kettle, or rethermalizer and the machine itself can be damaged. A water indicator light, which glows when the water gets too low in the machine, can help your staff monitor and maintain more than one warmer along a buffet line. When the low water indicator light comes on, your staff will know it’s time to refill the machine without the hassle of lifting out pans of food to check the water level. This also reduces the chance for cross-contamination by ensuring your staff is only moving food pans and refilling the well when absolutely necessary.

Countertop Warmers and Display Cases

Ideal for keeping soups, Chile, fries, condiments, pretzels, and other prepped food items warm until they are ready to eat, counter top warmers and display cases come in many different sizes and types to meet your needs.

Food Holding & Warming: Keep your commercial kitchen ready for cold and hot food demands with the best equipment. Select from cold pan serving counters, counter top warmers, drawer warmers, heated shelves, insulated heated cabinets and transport carts, non-insulated heated cabinets, overhead food warmers, refrigerated holding cabinets, steam tables and so much more! This equipment is designed for reliable safe holding of foods at their desired temperature for restaurants, cafeterias, and retail food establishments of all sizes.

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