It’s time to Enjoy Cooking at MKN with the combi steamer FlexiCombi .
MKN has been developing convincing professional cooking technology for 70 years and the chef always takes centre stage. This results in new technology and appliances which offer comprehensive customer benefits.

Every day numerous people use their smartphones completely naturally and intuitively. The Touch & Slide operating concept of the FlexiCombi is just as simple to use. With brilliant image representation and a full viewing angle from all sides the mkn  also offers remarkable user comfort. mkn combi  facilitates professional cooking with only a few touches: individually adapted to the particular requirements of professional chefs and providing considerable assistance for untrained personnel. Integrated information steps, favourites function on the start display and video clips with operating instructions shown directly by the appliance. So, it’s simply fun to cook!

The FlexiCombi is a crosswise combi. EasyLoad means that you can lift the trays and GN containers easily and safely. Simply practical – as everyday experience shows. Without having to keep changing the position of your hands, the user also has a full view of the products at all times.

Furthermore, a wide range of new, intelligent, technical features guarantee top cooking results, capacity benefits and outstanding energy and water consumption levels. The consumption display Green Inside provides transparency here.

The quality concept is also impressive. The FlexiCombi  is equipped with a durable 316 S11 cooking chamber as standard, a triple glazed cooking chamber door and heat exchanger.

MKN introduces new team player
FlexiCombi Team: Two parallel operating cooking modes in one combi steamer

The new MKN combi steamer, FlexiCombi Team, is a single appliance equipped with two cooking chambers. So, the user can work in an extremely flexible way with two cooking modes simultaneously. Bread rolls can bake in the lower cooking chamber and at the same time vegetables steam in the upper one. The FlexiCombi Team makes this all possible now. The versatility of the FlexiCombi Team allows you to prepare, for example, each component of a complete menu parallely in just one combi steamer. This means that succulent beef roulades can be braised in the combisteaming mode at the top, while at the same time potatoes and Brussels sprouts are steamed below.

The appliance is operated using the intuitive MagicPilot touch control. The touch screens for both cooking chambers are situated at eye level in the upper part of the appliance. The comfortable height ensures particularly ergonomic operation of the new MKN combi steamer. And the lower door handle is turned 180 ° for convenience.

Cleaning is also perfectly simple. The seamless control panel and side walls provide quality standards for uncompromising hygiene.

The FlexiCombi Team is available in various model versions and equipped with proven features such as the automatic WaveClean cleaning system or the FlexiRack capacity concept.